El Huique Estate

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Estate Information:

The adobe building was built between 1870 and 1880, as one unit joined to the main house of the original estate owners, similar to the house known locally as the "Huique Museum". The interior patio has a 5,000 square meters surface, now planted with vines and surrounded by verandas and other buildings that were used for storing tools, utencils, farm working elements, old horse carriages, a machinery repair workshop, an area for baking bread to feed the people living on the estate and most importantly, warehouses for storing various seasonal crops such as corn, wheat, rice, etc. all of which makes up one unit. The planting of vineyards began in 1930 and some of the above mentioned buildings were transformed into wine cellars for their own production.

It should be noted during the 20Th century the buildings suffered serious damage resulting from earthquakes, the last of wich took place in March 1985. At that time the present owner decided to rebuild the facilities, putting in new curved clay tile roof covering approximately 4,500 square meters, repairing and rebuilding damaged walls, as well replacing doors, windows and flooring. Most of the new windows were built using wood from the ancient oak casks. In 1994 modern technology was introduced in the form of machinery and stainless steel casks, new lighting and other improvements. The old machinery is now exhibited in the surrounding corridors and verandas.

All grapes processed on the premises are produced on 100 hectares of vineyards owned by this company, in the same Colchagua Valley, on the following estates.

The wine house is adjacent to the San Miguel estate. Talhuen estate is situated at six minutes distance and finally Los Maitenes estate located in the Marchihue area, in the same Valley, 35 minutes away from the winery.

Future vines will be planted in this last estate, in view of the excellent climatic conditions prevailing, a project wich will be carried out on the 740 hectares the company owns in this area.

Current wine varieties grown are:
Cabernet Sauvignon (63%) and the rest is Chardonnay, Merlot, Syrah and Carmenére.

This latter wine has its origins in France but today Chile is practically the only country that has it in the world and proven to be extremely attractive.

El Huique Carménère has become one of the best.