Mme Aly Duhr et Fils

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Estate Information:

Mme Aly Duhr et fils has about 9 ha on 6 different villages located in the "Canton of Grevenmacher". The soil is mainly chalky lime-stone. Besides the classic style, wines elaborated in stainless steel without malo-lactic fermentation about 35% of our production is barrel fermented. (We where the first starting with barrel fermentation in 1981) These wines aged on lees for about 10 months and are bottled generally bevore harvest in September and released after 3 months after their bottling. The Domaine et Tradition wines are just available in Auxerrois, Pinot blanc, Pinot gris, Riesling and Gewürtztraminer. The DT wines are selected in blind tastings by the 7 members of DT. The basic label is the same for everybody (for the wines commercialized under the label DT). Our company was the first Domaine in Luxembourg to make essays with sparkling wines (before the 1st World War).


Our vineyards are located on chalky lime-stone soils in the "Canton of Grevenmacher".


Luxembourg has a 42 km long and 300-400 large area where all the luxemburgish vineyards are situated.


We have an AOC. Most of our wines get an ``grand premier cru`` that is a classification in Luxembourg . You can get only the AOC or you become an premier cru or the best one a grand premier cru.

Varieties Grown:

Auxerrois, Riesling, Pinot gris, Pinot blanc, Pinot noir, Rivaner, Chardonnay

Age of Vines:

We have very old vines 25-30 years but we have also some very young wines like the Chardonnay 4 years.But most of our vines are between 15 and 25 years old


Rivaner 100 hl/ha all the other varieties 80 hl/ha

Company Goal

Making the best wines and surprising the worlds people that in the small Luxembourg we can produce very good qualities of wines.