Tacama Estate

Estate Information:

Tacama - First Peru's Vineyard.

The Tacama Vineyard has an area of about 200 hectares (494 acres) of alluvial soil formed during the great thawing period back in prehistoric times, and is located in the Valley of Ica, a fertile oasis surrounded by desert. In those remote times of devastating cataclysms, huge extensions of mud slide down the Andes mountain range into the Pacific Ocean forming valleys with rivers flowing through them. This caused the subsoil of the Valley of Ica to be stony and sandy, conditions which are similar to some of the best vineyards in France, thus contributing to the quality of their vines and fruits. As mentioned above, the lack of rainfall in Ica has forced Tacama to use, during the flood season, an irrigation system consisting of both canals and deep wells so their plants are timely watered as required.

Tacama Vineyard is situated 300 kilometers from Lima the capital of Perú, and 50 kilometers from the coast, it is 400 meters above sea level.
Tacama uses both French technology and receives advice from French experts. Tacama has won several awards in international shows. International Experts have classified Tacama's wines as being of worldclass quality.

Professor Max Rives, emeritus Director of the French Agriculture Research Institute, says about the Tacama vineyard: “This region is suitable for producing wines under exceptional conditions … thanks to the characteristics of its climate and soil”. “This allows wines of a characteristic, inalterable type, to be obtained with a quality compared only to the products of the best wine producing countries in the world”, he adds.