Villa Zorilor Estate

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South - North


Semi Arid Mediterranean climate with moderate seasonal rains, dry summers, hot days and cool nights (temperature varies between 20oC and 35oC), cold winters, consistent rainfall, and occasional snow (temperature varies between -3oC and 20oC), 200-800mm of rain per year


Up to 100 hectars


1000m above sea level


Two major types of soil characterize our vineyards and that is 1) granular clayey calcareous and 2) brick-red clay and chalky soils


Bekaa-Valley, Lebanon


Grapes varieties include Red : syrah, merlot, cabernet-sauvignon, morvèrdre, carignan, grenache, cinsault, tempranillo and White: ugni-blanc, clairette, sauvignon-blanc, chardonnay and muscat.

Age of Vines:

10 - 25 years


5 tons per hectar

Estate Information:

"Heritage" is a new class of Lebanese wine. Created from a unique variety of the best grapes of the Bekaa valley, it is considered by connoisseurs as a "Grand Vin".

The profound taste of its aroma, is the outcome of a long experience that makes "Heritage" an authentic representative of the Lebanese "Grand Vin".

The passion and the art involved in its production accentuate the pleasure of tasting this perfect wine.

Nothing is left to chance. Heavy investments, constant effort with on accurate mixture of art and technologically scientific knowledge in the preparation of the products have made an excellent reputation for our wines. Today Heritage is a true reference for quality and tradition.